Capital Hotel 1967 photo

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Source: O.D.

The Capital Hotel was opened in January, 1962. After operating as a regular tourist and business hotel for a short period, it was leased entirely by the US Government in June. For the remainder of the1960s it served as an important hub for US military activities in Bangkok in support of the wars in Vietnam and Laos. Tenants were mostly long-term and the Capital was, as such, likely the first serviced-apartment building in Thailand. As US involvement in the war decreased in the early seventies, only a few floors remained leased, but access remained restricted to US Citizens due to security concerns of the US military units occupying the remaining leased floors.

After the establishment of diplomatic relations between Thailand and the People's Republic of China in 1975, the Capital housed the embassy of the PRC and the ambassador's residence from the late seventies for about 8 years. It hosted Deng Xiaopeng during his official visit to Thailand in November 1978.

After the departure of the Chinese in the mid-eighties, the Capital once again became a serviced apartment for primarily a Japanese business clientele, and slowly went into a period of decline through the nineties and the early part of this decade

The Capital is currently closed and undergoing extensive renovations which will see it re-open as a middle to high range serviced apartment building sometime in 2009.

Front View 1967

Source: O.D.

Front View 2008


Front Gate 1967

The view from Paholyotin Road in 1967.

Source: O.D.