Thai Hotel 1972 advert

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The Thai Hotel on Prajathiphatai Road, not far from Khao San Road, was opened on May 4, 1962. This makes it one of the very first of the hotel construction boom of the mid-sixties which coincided with the arrival of tens of thousands of American troops in Thailand and Vietnam. The hotel's 55 rooms were, at the time, an important addition to Bangkok's overall room capacity, along with those of the Capitol and Fuji hotels which opened at about the same time.

The Thai Hotel and the surrounding streets were used as locations for the 1964 B-movie "Operation CIA" starring Burt Reynolds as a CIA agent sent on a mission to Saigon (with Bangkok doubling for Saigon). Mr. Reynolds' character stayed in room 607.

In late September 2006, the Thai Hotel was renamed Hotel de' Moc.

Thai Hotel - 2006

Operation CIA - 1964

Burt Reynolds Checks In